Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Car in Top Shape

All the electronics and electricals we use today need no regular maintenance and checks like auto motors. Our mobile phones, TVs, computers, and home appliances do not want us to look at them periodically or need regular service outside. Except for the repair services, these things do not maintenance, but your car does. It needs immense care and maintenance with routine checkups in the service stations.

These modern auto motors we use are not like electronics. They include very complex and expensive mechanical devices, paired with hundreds of parts, and each has a specific role to play. So you have to make sure all are fine. Some of the parts need regular attention whereas some needs periodic replacement.

Whatever it takes to maintain your in top shape for a long time is not only good for the car but also for your pocket. It saves a lot of money. Remember that maintenance cost will be always lower than the repair cost, so rather than spending the bulk on repair due to unnoticed problems, spend a few bucks for your regular services.

Let’s look into handy car maintenance tips that help you keep your car in top shape.

Engine Oil

The car oil is one of the major things that connect many parts of the car. It is the engine’s blood. 

The engine oil lubricates all the moving parts of the car engine so, in order for a smooth drive, your car engine must be oiled. You can check engine oil like the below.

Turn off the engine. Open the hood. Find the release under the driver’s side dash. Under the lip of the hood, you see the safety catch.

Find the engine oil dipstick and pull it out. Take a cloth and wipe the end, replace the dipstick back to its sheath fully, and now pull out again.

The marking denotes the oil range from full to low. If the range is between the minimum and maximum lines, you are fine. The range below the minimum line shows your engine needs a quart of the vehicle’s suggested oil.

To add oil, there will be a cap with an oil can symbol, twist it off, and pour oil. Make sure there are no oil drips left.

Windshield Fluid

Running out of windshields is a problem, especially in winter. You have to fight with the fog and salt mess up on the windshield and lost visibility. Here is how you can check it.

Find the windshield-washer reservoir under the hood.

The washer tanks in most modern cars are made of translucent plastic so you can check the fluid level. But they were placed out of our sight so we can not predict how full the tank is so you have to fill to the brim.

Find the cap that has a windshield-wiper spray icon on it, and pop the cap. Fill the reservoir with washer fluid.

Don’t use pure water which will turn into ice in freezing temperatures is not good for the reservoir. Use commercial washer fluid that avoids the icing as it has alcohol in it.

Tires Checkup

If you have a car with a tire pressure warning light, you will know if your tires are low on air. If your car does not have that option, buy a tire pressure gauge and check your tire pressure.

Radiator Coolant

The coolant in the radiator should be under control otherwise it will cause heating problems.


If you got a squeezy sound while pushing brake pedals, you need to look at it. Use the right brake fluid and make sure it is smooth when you putting in.